Hello everyone. I hope that you are enjoying your day. Welcome to my blog. I have listed 10 reasons why I started blogging.

1) To make worthy of my spare time
I don’t have a hobby. I make random things out from my mind everytime i am free. Now, i want to make use of it to a worthy activity.

2) To develop my writing skills
I am not a writer but i want to become one. I love the way some writer create a story of small lives and make it awesome.

3) To go to different places
Ever since I really want to travel. I want to visit new places and enjoy. I want to explore the world and to experience what life may bring to me.

4) To express my insights
It is normal to perceive emotions out from our experiences. I want to express it through this blog.

5) To share
Sharing has always been a sign of giving. I want to share everything.

6) To discover new things
Along with travels and journeys, is what we called discovery. I want to expand my mind and look to a bigger things.

7) To inspire
No one has ever live without inspiration. You have to have a reason for living. In that sense, i want to inspire people that there are a lot of things that you can do. That staying along in the corner can be better if you go out and live your life.

8) To know myself better
Knowing a person does only be done in one day. It demands day by day. I believe that by doing this could led me to knowing my self better, who i wanted to become, what i really want, and what i want to do.

9) To show others that what i am capable of
Not all people knew me. I want to show others the things that i am capable of.

10) To create and make photos.
I never expected to become a photo enthuasiasts. My aunt used to have a camera (not yet digital) when i was in elementary. It’s gone in blink of an eye when i entered high school until digital cameras return to us and mobiles phones exist during college. Now i have my Nikon D3200. I am so happy to acquire this stuff which would hopefully a help in fulfilling my desires and dreams.

Well, hope you’ll follow me every after time.
Thank you for visiting.