DSC_1027“Egg Holders”. Aren’t they cute?

Cuteness Overload! (laughs)

At first glance you’ll notice the egg-like-form thing painted with some cute smileys. These are my egg-holder collections. It is divided into two parts. If you have notice, both side of the egg-holder are the lock. Do you think I will put an egg inside this egg-holder? (since it is an egg-holder in the first place). No. What I put in here are coins, to lay more coins (laughs). Anyways, my friend Jett Orias introduced me this cute stuff when we were about to graduate in college.

My favorite one, is the lavender egg-holder. But I find cute with the white egg-holder, “eat me”.

If you are to choose among the six, what would you pick?

How about you, do you have collections?