Do you really want a roller coaster adventure like no other? Bring along your friends and peers in this place.


Last June 2013 we had another fun-filled adventure. I and my friends visited the Sikatuna Tree Park of Sikatuna, Bohol.

Upon entering the Tree Park, this beautiful and amazing place will welcome you. There is a hut located in the center for you to stay before climbing up the hill. We stayed there for a while eating our snacks for us to be ready in the incoming hill obstacles.


The wide green grass field.
one, two, three smile…..
Ma’am Jodie is really a nature lover.



I was wearing the hat of hazel, a nice sun glass and a stripe-blue whole dress with violet slipper.




This was on our way up the hill while Merry Ann and Ma’am Jodie took their best shot.


Even if the rain falls, it never cease us to climb up the hill. Luckily, some were girl scouts had able to grab their umbrella and shared it with the other. In the long run you will find signage of places you are most likely heading to. There is also a waiting shed where in you can stay a little bit if you are tired of walking.

The one holding the umbrella was hazel. The leader of the band. 😀
Melai was thinking if we will go on the signage. Sounds familiar? huh
In the middle of the forest, we stop in a shed because of a heavy rain. We never fail to take a pose. Later on we continued walking.

Due to the rain, walking to the top of the hill was quite dangerous because the land was slippery. We hold every branch that we can hold and advice the others to watch their steps. We were fortunate enough that we managed to make it on the viewing deck. Upon seeing the deck made us more motivated to be there on top. Finally, we were there. The Viewing Deck is composed of three floors. We stayed on the third floor so that we can view the top. We took our lunch there and enjoyed eating.

The beautiful green forest that you can see when you are on the top of the viewing deck.
You can see that the weather was not that good. It was a gloomy day.
That is Sikatuna.
Still part of Sikatuna.
L-R: Merry Ann, Hazel and I at the top of the viewing deck.
With this super “kulit” friends. Melai and Isadora at the back remains demure. ahehe
We got the only thorn of roses, Cirilo in the house, the one holding the coca-cola bottle drink.
This is what you can see on the second floor. That bridge under development and link to other part of the hill.
Merry Ann and I savor the moment, took a pose and smile.
Before going down, we pose for a while in the stairs of the viewing deck.
On our way down, we went to another destination within the forest.



This is a small hut a place for taking a rest after a long walk. It is surrounded with little trees. The adjacent place is still under construction.
Merry Ann be like, “ngay picturee ko… XD”
We were like little monkeys.
I never knew what were they trying to portray here, but all i’m sure of was that they nailed it.
Insert me here…. hahaha …You did a good job guys. Amazing!

The tree park is still on development. Aside from Viewing Deck and Bil-At Pass, there more places you would love to go. The park is also open for camping and tarsier watching.

I can say that the whole adventure was really worth it. We were all determined and motivated to make out of our time in the park.

How to get there?

Sikatuna is just a few kilometers away from the city of Tagbilaran. It can be pass when you are going to Loboc, Bohol using the other road. From the city you can ride a bus or a jeep bound for Sikatuna.

Stop when you saw signage/board of Sikatuna Tree Park. From the highway, walk a few meters until you reached the entrance of the park.

Enjoy the adventure. Smile. Laugh more!