Danao, Bohol

First stop, Danao, Bohol. Part of our WS Tour 2011 (Working Scholars) is to visit the Danao Adventure Park where cable car, zipline, wall climbing, bungee jumping and the likes are here. This WS tour is one the year-end activity of HNU Working Scholars, during the time that I was still a student.


The banner of the HNU bus.


The wall climbing experienced with my colleagues.


We took some rest under the tree.


The breath-taking cable car experienced.


We took our lunch in the grass.


We were busy eating our lunch. 216952_1630512771712_1503407970_31191763_5515207_n



Wall climbing.


Where are you now adorable girls?


The sign heading towards wall climbing.


Danao can offer a unique adventure to enthusiast. Just always be ready to experience a whole new wild and exciting undertaking.

See you in my next AnnVenture.

– miri


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