Things to prepare in shooting a wedding event

I just had my first ever experience as a photographer of a wedding event.
Though I have gather the things needed prior to that day I have still forgotten other things.

Here, I will share to you some that I think really matters.

1) Enough camera storage. Shooting this kind of event is expectedly to have many photos. Thus the size of the camera storage should be enough if not bigger. I have 8GB SD storage but still it doesn’t suffice the whole event. I miss some important part of the wedding and that is really so sad. By the way, I put the camera setting on RAW format, that means the size of the image is big.

2) Reserve fully-charged batteries. I think it is a standard operating procedure to hold back batteries in your bag. Your camera batteries will cut down in the long way of the event, so be prepare for an extra.

3) Camera flash and tripod. These two stuffs are a big help in taking photos. The flash adds a good or better element to the photo. If you have these, bring it along with you. You will be needing this when shooting a dark environment.

4) Yourself. Above all the things, the most important to prepare is yourself. Be ready. Have presence of mind. Take photos. Relax, enjoy and have fun.

If I missed other things, I’ll be glad if you will leave your comment here.

One thought on “Things to prepare in shooting a wedding event

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