Five things that will help you change

There are a lot of things that really change a person by itself. I myself have go through some trial and error, making test of what should I need to do in order to keep myself going and find myself happy and contented.

Below I have enlisted five big things that really have a great impact in my self-enhancement. Though it will differ by individual, by priorities and by standards but i find this five enough.

1) Drink enough Glasses of Water
Drinking enough water keep me going. I cannot stand a day without having satisfied my quench with enough or maybe sometimes more than what is required. I saw the different before when I drink only when i am thirst.

2) Get Enough Sleep
Do not compromise a good sleep. I consider myself an evening person because most of the time i do task and enjoy doing it on night time. It feels great at night.

3) Do exercise
4) Keep smiling
5) Be inspired and motivated

Early-bird at Dominguez Clinic

It was a gloomy day when I decided to go to a dentist and have my tooth removed.

I came up with this decision because almost every night I got this ill-feeling.  Sometimes I cried because having a toothache was really hard. I hardly move or think smoothly because the pain really drives me crazy. Every time I had toothache I plan to have tooth removal the next day but it is always postponed since my courage is lost after I feel the pain. Not until today I decided to be strong. I move to Dominguez clinic near Visarra St. early in the morning. I was the first client. I was a bit sad since the clinic will be open at 10:30 am and I was there already at around eight o’clock in the morning. It would be a waste of time to wait before it will be opened. But I calmly stay because I might change my mind and might forget about this thing. Continue reading