It was a gloomy day when I decided to go to a dentist and have my tooth removed.

I came up with this decision because almost every night I got this ill-feeling.  Sometimes I cried because having a toothache was really hard. I hardly move or think smoothly because the pain really drives me crazy. Every time I had toothache I plan to have tooth removal the next day but it is always postponed since my courage is lost after I feel the pain. Not until today I decided to be strong. I move to Dominguez clinic near Visarra St. early in the morning. I was the first client. I was a bit sad since the clinic will be open at 10:30 am and I was there already at around eight o’clock in the morning. It would be a waste of time to wait before it will be opened. But I calmly stay because I might change my mind and might forget about this thing.

I just have a few lessons learned and would like to share it to you guys.

  1. If you make a decision think it many times and why you need to do this.
  2. Decide for your own good. Not maybe now but soon.
  3. Know where the location you are going to and inquire its daily schedule.
  4. Do not hesitate if you really feel the need.
  5. Have faith in God and trust yourself.

After two hours of waiting, I was called. Yes the moment has come. Inside I was sitting in the dentist lying table. Then everything happened. After some time, it was successfully done. Thank you Lord.


The first comer and early-bird client took a selfie while waiting for the clinic to open.


Camera 360

I can’t barely smile since my tooth was extracted. I did visit the church after i visit my aunts.


By the way, this is the schedule of Dominguez clinic in Visarra St. in case you might want to visit.

                10:30-6:00 pm – Mondays to Saturdays 

                Sundays will depend on the scheduled appointments.


– miri for annventure diaries