In my previous articles about photography, I talked about things that should be prepared when shooting in an event; basically the equipment’s you’ll be using and your idealistic imagination as a photographer as well to come up with your masterpiece of the day.

Models (L-R): Roshiell, Maria Theresa, Lovely, Helen

     This time, I will share to you guys my first ever photo shoot. I only used Nikon D3200 and a tripod. But I make sure to utilize these in order to have fine shots on my models.

      Rule of Thirds, I always read this photographic technique in most articles about photography. Darren Rowse, the author of Digital Photography School website explained,

“The basic principle behind the rule of thirds is to imagine breaking an image down into thirds (both horizontally and vertically) so that you have 9 parts.

With this grid in mind the ‘rule of thirds’ now identifies four important parts of the image that you should consider placing points of interest in as you frame your image.”

Some also said that if you want to break the rule, one must learn it first in order to be good.

    When I take pictures, I usually place the person at the center.  However, I find it not that appealing. So I challenged myself to improve the way I execute photography. Now, I make sure that the position of the object is not directly at the center.

Here are some of my shots that somehow imply “Rule of Thirds”.

First Model: Helen

This beautiful lady named Helen shyly smiled at the camera. I did not put her directly at the center of the picture because it will make the shot a bit draggy.

Second Model: Roshiell

This gorgeous lady named Roshiell pose with emotion in front at the camera. I intentionally took it beneath from her to get the picture that I wanted her to show.

Third Model: Lovely
Third Model: Lovely

The name of this fine lady says what she is. I love the way she pose, looking to the ground while holding the scarf, which apparently make the image pull in. Good job Lovely.

Fourth Model: Maria Theresa
Fourth Model: Maria Theresa

The last but definitely not the least is Maria Theresa. She showed the right emotion in every pose. I consider her as a good model.  Job well done Tere!


Throughout the entire photo shoot, I am happy that little by little I get to apply the techniques that any professional photographer has been hinting to entrants like me – the “Rule of Thirds”.

From this whole experience, as I became eager to pursue photography, I will continue to challenge myself and perk up my ability. Experimentation is the key. Keeping in mind the rule is also way better.


What do you think guys? Hope you enjoy a lot and learn something new today.

See you in my next AnnVenture.