Years unfold. Many things changed and so our age. Last year we had gone to a beautiful place where we really enjoyed and relaxed. It was then the birthday celebration of our friend sir Jestoni.
A hidden paradise in Panglao, not the typical sea shore white sand beach, but true beauty of nature, the Panglao Kalikasan Beach Resort.

We had stayed there for a whole day and being able to enjoyed the infinite pool under the heat of the sun.
The food were also commendable for these were so deliciousy affordable specially the “sinigang na hipon”.

The entrance of the Resort

Enjoy the place along with your family and friends.


They also have an infinity pool

How to get there?

1) By means of a tricycle you could reached the place if you were only few. But you can always hire a multicab if you are in group outing. Anyways the fare is at low-cost.

What to bring?
1) Don’t forget to bring your best swimming outfit, a sun cream lotion for protection, sun glasses to protect the eyes from to much heat, a camera to capture the precious moments.
2) You can also bring along with you your foods. The last time we knew there was no corcage at all.
3) The most important thing, bring along with you a companion, be it your family, friends, or special someone. It is nice to spend a precious time with the one you love.

What to expect?
1) Well expect to enjoy and feel the moment for the place will give you feeling away from the usual work and city noisance.

Panglao Kalikasan Resort is located at.
Credit to Ma’am Shiela and Ma’am Damie for the pictures.

Till my next Annventure?
– miri