Tres Sophias

When you heard Tres Sophias, first thing in your mind might think of three sisters. However, the Tres Sophias I am talking about is the resort located in Dao, Dauis, Bohol.


The resort has two pools, one for children and one for adult. The entrance fee is as affordable as twenty pesos (P20.00) while if want to have fun in the pool, it cost to only seventy-five pesos (P75.00). Just like any other resort, it requires the swimmer to wear proper attire when using the pool but will penalize one hundred pesos (P100.00) if one failed to do so. The cost per table is only two-hundred pesos (P200.00). There is no corkage.

Aside from its wide pool, you can enjoy and have fun with their long slide. Not all the time the slide will be open, it has limited time. In our stayed there, we went by noon, the slide open at 3:00 pm as they follow their schedule. But while waiting you can still use the slide without the flowing water and swim along their big and long rectangular pool with 5 feet deep.

Other facilities of the resort includes rooms for you to stay and a dine in resto.


The cottage beside the pool


Tres Sophias Receiving Area


Tres Sophias Rooms


The pool for adults with approximately 5ft deep



The side portion of the slide



A beautiful dove graces our outing


While they are on the side of the slide.


This dog joined our group. The dog seems dirty, yes but he is still cute and amazing dog.

Tres Sophias is just near a highway of Dao, Dauis. So it will be no hard to find this beautiful place.

Till next time, see you in my next AnnVenture.




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