I woke up one day happy and inspired. But then later on, that good day was ruined. The night before that I was able to give an advise to a friend whose having a hard time figuring things out. Funny thing is that those advices i have given were actually applicable right in front of me now as I am writing this text. It hit me actually. But do not think to much. Let’s take things little by little.

These five things I wrote may not matter to you but these are the things I think really work if these will be followed in the right manner.

1) Wake up early. For most people who wakes up early, it doesn’t matter to you anymore. But for me who is not a morning person, this is hard though. But I gotta get through this. I have done this before and it was fine. I was just unhappy of myself because I return to my normal routine.

2) Do exercise. Nowadays, almost all cannot do exercise due to some instances. Instead of walking they took a ride from a tricycle. Exercise for me does not necessarily mean to have sweat so much. One must be able to move his body in any means such as simple as walking. Try to have a simple jump and jack for at least 5 minutes a day. Small things matter.

3) Travel. As much as you can, go for a trip even if it cost only you. You don’t need someone to go with just to have one. Travel. Experience everything that you need to do. Go to the places which will leave your stress out. They said that money spend on trip is a lot better than on things. That is right though. There is a certain happiness that you can find in travelling.

4) Always have a me-time. It is really important to spend time alone. You need to give yourself a chance to enjoy yourself. Listen and sing to a music, laugh so loud, eat anything you want to eat. Love yourself.

5) Spending less time in social media. Almost all people have facebook account. Everybody is hooked to posting and sharing pictures and ideas. There is no harm in it. What makes it not so good is that we spend more than an hour scanning the timeline and looking at pictures and posts that makes us depress and stress. Balance your time. There are more important things to do in the real world like doing household chores, your mother may like it.

I intend not to put any picture since your ideas might focus on it. Just the text. Read. Anyway, I did try to make it short and simple. I know you already know about it. They may just be reminders to you.

Thank you!