It is safe to say that it was my first time to enter in a eco-museum. That first time happened in Punta Baluarte Eco-Musuem in Cabilao Island.

I was in awe when i saw there the different kinds of common shells and corals, big and small ones. Some of them are known to me but mostly are unknown to my knowledge.

Aside from corals and shells, there are also fishing paraphernalia display in the corner with the corresponding names.

If you happen to be amused with sea corals and shells, this museum is a good place for you.





Coral and Reef Fishes in Central Visayas



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Visitors are encouraged to log in a notebook to testify that you have visited the place. There is no entrance fee in the museum but your donations are of a great help.

That would be for now. See you in my next Ann-Venture 🙂