Punta Baluarte Beach is another breath taking place for you to experience. While Panglao island is rich with beaches, Cabilao island is making its own way as well.

I never thought that Cabilao island has a beach. Yeah really because it was my first time to be there. It is the second island i was able to visit aside from the famous Virgin Islands in Panglao. It is just a small beach, though not as white and as fine unlike thoseĀ in Panglao, but the place can offer something different from the other beaches. Come and enjoy.
Thought i was a model here. *laughs*
I make use of the seeweeds to form my name and sit beside it. Not my own idea, just saw like this also in a social networking site, so i tried and i love it. šŸ™‚
These are my friends; don’t know what are we thinking right in this moment.hehe
Making our sweetest smiles while enjoying the sand under the heat of the sun.

The beach also have cottages and recreation area. Pardon me if i haven’t asked for the rent of the cottages but i think it is very much affordable.

Beside the beach is another smaller beach. It is here we found our selves during our stay there as we are wandering place. It was to nice. But it was only me who took the courage to swim because my friends refused to join me.

But as you can see, i am enjoying even though the heat of the sun was penetrating my skin.

Just a few reminders:

Don’t stay too much under the sun your skin might be damage. Bear always in mind to put sun block as a protection. Wearing sun glasses and hat will do as well for your head and your eyes.


Meanwhile, beside Punta Baluarte Beach is the Punta Baluarte Eco-Museum. Check this linkĀ

P.S. Special thanks to Jeo for having us in there place.

Hope that I had able to share with you guys my little adventure. Enjoy.

Till my next Ann-Venture.