Ann-Venture Diaries

Struggle is real. This is a cliché I often hear when someone is battling from something and is finding a really hard time winning. Everyone has their own struggles. It could be in their career, in the workplace, in the family, in their love life and even in about their self-acceptance.

I often compare myself to others. That sounds pathetic right? Yes, I have insecurities. I am not saying that I am ugly but I can never deny that others are more beautiful than me and that’s when my anxiety starts. Every time I look at the mirror I can always see my flaws, the frown-turned-pink pimples in my forehead and cheeks, the oily face, the big dry lips, the flat nose and the thickly dry hair. Well, how many criticisms do I need to put on myself? You would probably say that I am too hard on myself. All of these would result to me having low-self esteem. In short, I am a bit less.

But how was I, and will able, to fight against my frustrations? I found the solution right before everything. Acceptance. The only possible thing to do is to accept you. Have the humility swallow your insecurities. Before others will appreciate you, you have to have first the so called self-love. Now when I look at the mirror, I talk to myself and say that I am beautiful. I am amazing. I am proud of myself. I believe I do. And I accept my imperfections because it is really who I am. Instead of putting so much time on me figuring out my weaknesses, I look for hobby that will burst happiness on me. I learn to filter my emotions and thoughts. I keep myself busy on more important matter that boost my confidence and improve my potential.

Above all things, shortcomings are all part of life. You just have to see the brighter side. Believe in the silver lining. At the end of the day, you always have you and yourself alone. Make those imperfections of yours an inspiration to go on with life. Things are all in the mind. The way we think reflects into us; just as what Harry Houdini quoted, “What the eyes see, what the ear hear, the mind believes”.  So, train your eyes and gear up your ears. Be careful of your thoughts. It will define you.

Ann-Venture Diaries
Hey, here is my picture. Do not judge instead understand. Spread love. Smile.