Lila Water Glide Adventure

Lila Water Glide Adventure was a side trip of our Tinugdan Spring getaway also in Lila, Bohol.


Most of my adventure were always my first time. Just like this one. It was my first to experience a water glide. (And this is my shortest blog so far.)

When we got there, there were already people washing their dishes in the glide. While our purpose is to take a bath, theirs is the opposite. We waited them to finish until such time that ours has come. The water is so cold and clear. I also tried to lie but only successful is sitting because Iā€™m afraid to get carried by the flow of water. The whole experience was fun and was enjoyed by all of us.

Just want to hear your thoughts, have you experienced the same thing as mine?

Till my next Ann-Venture. See yaaahh.

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