The perk of being an internet-savvy is always seeing new updates online. In my facebook wall I saw some picture of my friends with a lot of nice flowers as the background. SO when I check it out, it was in Sirao Flower Farm in Cebu. I told myself, since I was doing a lot of adventures these days, I will go to Sirao someday. And luckily, I am now writing our adventure for this article in my blog. Amazing isn’t it?

The umbrellas at the entrance of the farm.


When we went to Temple of Leah (a separate blog), we also went to Sirao that time. It was two striking two adventure at a time. If you happen to read my Temple of Leah blog, it was the same motorcycle fun.

I am lucky to have good friends to come along with us. Our location started in IT Park then we headed to JY square, where in there you can find the motorcycle for hire heading to the temple. What funny is that while we were still in the jeepney, there was a one motorcycle driver making negotiations with us. He was consistently eager to have us up until we stop at JY Square. His team was our guide to the temple.

We trust them and we trust ourselves also so we made it to enjoy the whole adventures. I never expected that the speed of the motorcycle was as that fast, so i really hold on the my friend in my front and my other hand at the back of the motorcycle for our safety. But I did not forget to look at the beautiful view that we pass through and smile at it. It is quite dangerous also because there were other motorcycles on the road and they also run so fast. I was just praying for our safety.

We headed first to Sirao Flower Farm. The flower farm is a lot far compared to Temple of Leah. And when we reach the farm, i saw a lot of vendors outside the farm selling food and drinks.

The entrance of the flower farm have many umbrellas set up above (same in Chill Pill Cafe in Tagbilaran City). As we enter the entrance, there i saw a lot of flowers, beautiful and colorful. We started roaming around after paying the entrance fee. At first I don’t know what part of the farm to capture, because I was still amazed since it was my first time to see a lot flowers. I saw others so busy taking pictures of themselves. So I also started pressing the shutter of my camera capturing every portiong of the farm and all the wonderful flowers in my sorrounding. And the rest of the time filled with a lot of pictures, fun and laughs.






with my awesome friends…



While other people are busy of their pictures.
A closer glimpse of some flowers in the farm.








Jy Quare to Sirao Flower Farm = P100.00  (normal fare/agreed fare)

Sirao Flower Farm entrance fee= P30.00


Safety Reminders

Wear a cap or hat.  Wear sun glass. Bring drinking water. Watch your things.  Keep safe. Enjoy and don’t miss the fun.

That’s all for my Sirao Flower Farm adventure. See you in my next Ann-Venture. Smile 🙂