Have you hear about Maambong Spring & Resort, in Roxas Park, Garcia Hernandez?

I’m not used to calling maambong spring but only Roxas Park and I bet you too also. It’s when we went there I realized what should be called to the place. MAAMBONG SPRING & RESORT. You are right in there!

( This his getaway actually happened last November 30, 2016 and I was so sad for the delay of this blog. Pardon me for being too lazy and busy. This blog might be able to be fit for summer but I was late. I think pool getaway does not need to be seasonal. It should be anytime you want, right? )

I always hear a lot of people spending their family outing here. I never get the chance to come here since most of the time; we always headed to Valencia Spring Resort, which is more accessible from the highway. My first time to be here and I was excited to enjoy the place with my naked eye. Yes, right there you should be found enjoying and having fun.

They have three pools, one for the children, one near the slides, and one with a diving board. The latter has water depth of 4 feet while the third has water depth of 4 feet to 9 feet which you can freely have fun diving. In fact I saw group of boys diving and even ladies. But our group never tried it since we were afraid. (Laughs) There is Water Slide Rules, a safety precaution for those who want to try the slides. Try it, it’s fun.


Maambong Spring & Resort in Roxas Park has an entrance fee for only P30.00 pesos. You can bring along with you your delicious foods and tasteful drinks.

By the way, I was with my TEAMSB. See you on my next Ann-Venture my dear ann-venturers 🙂

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Here’s a video guys. A taste of Maambong. 👌