Balicasag Island is one of the famous islands in Panglao, Bohol. It so happen that I’ve never been there. I almost had a chance before to get there but it did not take place. So this time I was lucky enough that I would be able to experience the Balicasag Island together with my officemates.

We gathered around 5am but we made it to Panglao Port at around 7am due to some circumstances occur. That Panglao port I was talking about located is near the Panglao Church and Panglao Central Elementary School. There were lots of boat there routing towards Balicasag Island.

While waiting, still in the port area, I noticed already the Isola de Francisco or the Virgin Island and the Balicasag Island right before my eyes. They looked so near. But it get us like 15 minutes to passed to the Virgin Island and reached Balicasag Island to approximately 30 minutes. While on our way we paused for a while to catch some dolphins but we’re not lucky to see one since we already travelled late (but that’s okay).

Balicasag Island is a beautiful island. It is a lot bigger than that of the Isola de Francisco or the Virgin Island. Both are beautiful anyway.

We we’re silent during our travel towards the island but I saw my colleagues to be observant to the surrounding. But when we reached to the island we were the opposite. Majority of the adults prepared the food while us were found taking pictures on the side and having some conversation (in short wala me nitabang pa seating pretty lang haha). After that we ate our food and share it among others.

Yes and here we are at the Balicasag Island. The heat of the sun, even though it’s still 9am, never hinders us to swim. We were wearing goggles and life-jacket. I have experienced to see the fishes just right on my feet using the goggles even though sometimes the water get in. With the help of the life-jacket I was able also to go to those deep areas. We were then challenged by the current of the water as it able us to float without too much energy needed. It was really intense. Struggle is real.

We did not go to the sanctuary of fishes as we enjoyed just by the shore. We also tried to move along while letting the current moved us as we go with the flow. It was actually cute and enjoyable.

Overall experienced, thumbs up. The only struggle is that there is no water for you to wash after beaching. You got only to change your dress without taking a shower for only P10.00. Another thing, upon using the CR cost us also P10.00, some of my colleagues were push to swim just to avoid paying the amount.

I paid P130.00 for the boat. The capacity can reach up to 15 persons at a time.


Do not forget to put sun block on your face and body to protect from the heat of the sun. I suggest also that you bring your own goggles or any paraphernalia’s. The life-jacket is already provided by the boar operator. Remember to bring your food all ready to eat and always have water at hand.

My colleagues were able to roam around the whole island in just few minutes. You can also do the same thing as well.

I hope you get also to enjoy while reading this article. Thank you and see you on my next Ann-venture.