I have known so long time ago about this Taoist Temple because my friends used to visit here when they had their educational tour back during high school. Actually, it is one of my favorite destinations in the bucket list that I really want to visit. What made this place amazing is that it is one of the few Chinese architecture here in the Philippines.

This Taoist Temple adventure was then a side-trip when we visited also other beautiful destination like  Temple of Leah  and Tops in Cebu (soon to be up in this blog).

The road to forever (hehe este), i mean the road to Philippine Taoist Temple 😛
While walking toward the temple, i saw the temple from afar and it was just so amazing.

We were just a normal traveler so we took the motorcycle to Taoist Temple from JY Square.  Situated at Canyon Road, Beverly Hills Subdivision, Lahug Cebu, Taoist Temple was a bit nearer for we travel in a shorter time than I expected. But when the motorcycle stop, I thought we were right in there but I found out we were just at the entrance of the subdivision. From the entrance we walked for little while for approximately 10-15 minutes depending on your speed. Funny thing was that at first we almost get lost (hahah) because we took the right road not knowing that it was the left road will lead towards the temple. We don’t have someone to ask also during that time and the security guards were busy then.

As we walked, I could glimpse the temple and it I was like “amazing, before I just used to see it in the picture but now my bare eyes can grasp the temple”. Phu Sian Temple is also found to be a neighbouring temple. After a long walk, finally we reached at the entrance of the temple. I took the selfie with the temple at the background. They said that entrance to the temple was a replica of the Great Wall of China.

Philippine Taoist Temple Schedule
A welcome note at the entrance of Taoist Temple


When we were about to enter I expected someone would ask for an entrance fee but I found out that it is free. It was super amazing again (like woooaaahh really as in??) We took the stairs up and I took all the chance to capture what my eyes is seeing that time. When we reached higher the view was breathtaking. We stop for a while to be relaxed.

A nice view from the temple
A nice view from the temple
Bisaya caption guys, gihangak jud ko ani gasaka sa hagdanan wooohhhh.
Bisaya caption guys, akong mga kauban oh nag una hahaha..















At the temple proper, I saw some do’s and dont’s.  And when i roam around i discover that there were other small temple in the entire  Taoist Temple. Each temple have buddha inside. I just looked at it observed what other people was doing. I never tried their traditional ritual like lighting of joss sticks and have their fortune read by the monks. There were also some part of the temple that were not allowed to have a picture of and we respect that.

While on top of the temple, I make the most of my time enjoying the view around and observing what kind of culture is the temple having.


















My friend Melai in a super emote mode.

After roaming around and taking so many pictures, I suddenly missed the most I think significant part or should I say the notable mark of the temple which I would want to take a picture with myself. The Dragon Statue. Yes, it was one of the reason why I went there to have a picture of the famous green dragon. Finally!

Yes Yes Yes finally, that Dragon Statue is now my background.

To give you some insights, the temple includes a chapel, a library, a souvenir shop and a wishing well.

The view of cebu from the top of the temple.
Another temple at the higher portion of Taoist Temple
One of my favorite shots. It was like a story i hiddenly told.

The whole experience was great and incredible. Definitely one of the nicest place i’ve travel to. Add this up in your travel-list guys.

Thank you for  joining me again and experiencing another Ann-Venture. See you again ann-venturers.