This beautiful and amazing view is found in Sherwood Bay Resort and Dive School located at Songculan, Dauis, in the island of Panglao, Bohol.

I am not pretty sure if many knew about Sherwood Bay Resort. I just also knew it when my friend invited me to go for an outing last Sunday.  So I started searching for it and then I found the nice view of the resort.

How get there?

If you’re a commuter, from Tagbilaran City you may ride a “Jeepney” routing to Songculan, Dauis near the Bohol Museum or may be hire a tricycle. Just make it straight through the causeway bridge right below St. Joseph Cathedral. The travel time will roughly make you to 30 minutes.

Here’s the map from Tagbilaran to Sherwood Bay.

What facilities do they have?

They have room, infinity pool, dine-in place and wide bermuda grass. We paid P150.00 for the resort. They do not have corkage. We brought us our snacks and enjoy eating it in the table beside the swimming pool. The resort also have food and drinks available but may differ with the normal cost.

The swimming pool area.

The place is big that’s why they can cater for wedding, birthdays and other events. Actually they really offer that as what I have seen in their website.


There’s another fantastic view that you need to see in Sherwood. At the back here’s the view.

So guys if you have no place to go when you’re in need to relax (mag muni-muni muna), Sherwood Bay Resort is just a distance. This resort is also a great place for photo-shoots and pre-nuptial sessions.

I hope you enjoy guys. See you in my next Ann-Venture.