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The super nice view of the cave while we were sitting in the side inside.

 Cabagnow Cave is located in Anda, Bohol. It is now widely known since “Byahe ni Drew”, a travel show of Drew Arellano featured the cave. According to the resident there, before only the people of Anda usually visit the place and there was no entrance fee. But when several people (from outside Anda) discover the place, the owner decided to put an entrance fee and a fence. It is purposely done to maintain the cleanliness of the cave pool.

https://ann-venture photo
When I try to swim without the lifebuoy, oh my goodness I survive for a few seconds only. After that it was so tiring. But I had fun. (that’s important)

When we were in Cabagnow Cave Pool, there were resident “Kuya” who guide and assist us in our swimming needs. We also had small talks about the cave. So here‘s the list of the surprising things i‘ve learned from them and my observations about the cave.

1) The water is salty. Yes you read it right. But never think that I taste it. Actually the “Kuya” we have talked said that the water is salty because there is a hole that is connecting from the cave to the sea. There were divers who tried to reach the hole but they never continue because it was too dangerous. You can taste it when you go there to prove that I was right. (Hahaha)

2) There are fishes. Actually I have seen them with my naked eye. Who would have thought that in the cave pool there are fishes living? They are actually tilapia. Most of them are still small. Don’t get them just play with them. (Be kind to fishes).

3) The view inside the cave. While we were resting for some time, we sit in the side of the cave. We were able to witness the beauty of the cave. It was amazing. It was a refreshing view. It was awesome. I have full of positive words to say. Just see it for yourself.

4) The tide of the water changes. Yes, when we were there it was low tide. The kid with us was able to get some gravel when he dives deep into the water. I was able also to see the floor of the cave. If it was high tide, once you jump you will reach directly to the water but in our case, when I jump it was I think the longest 2 seconds of my life (as in dugay ko niabot sa tubig).


The Experienced

We reached the place by almost 3pm and able to go home at around 5pm. We were the last people swimming in the cave together with the resident “kuya’s”. Because I love water that it took us   2 hours inside the cave. It was super fun dipping into the cold water while at the same time sitting pretty in the lifebuoy.

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The lifebuoy (life-saver-round-floating thing) that makes makes me relax after swimming so hard. Just so amazing and relaxing.

I was struck at the first sight with cave. Before I only see the place in the picture but now, my naked eye can see it thoroughly. I saw the people inside the cave with no fears and was happy swimming. At first I was super afraid to jump so what happened was that I decided to use the ladder to go down waiting there is lifebuoy to save me from drowning. Then when I was in the water already I was so glad that finally (i’m here), then after that I got the courage to jump at least for once to make the adventure worthy. So I climb up the red-ladder and I did jump. You know what it took me almost a minute before jumping because I was so scared. My heart beat so fast and getting faster every time I look into the water below. It made me sign of the cross three times before actually jumping. And when I jump, thought that I would reach the water already but oh my goodness I thought i’m dying that time. That was the longest 2 seconds of my life.  And when I was in the water I was so relieved that finally, I’m alive. That experienced made it worthy and being able to conquer my fear of heights is an achievement unlock.

https://ann-venture photo
The red-ladder that saves my fearful hearts from jumping. Be careful.



  • They closes at 5pm so be there earlier.
  • You can bring goggles if you want to see the tilapia and other underwater structure.
  • There is only a dressing room but no shower.
  • For those who are afraid to jump you can used the red ladder to go down below just be careful.
  • Entrance fee is P50.00

I hope  you enjoy. See you in my next Ann-Venture my dear ann-venturers 🙂