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This is one of the rock island i saw in Lamanok, and I was really amazed by it.

    Lamanok Island is in barangay Badiang, Anda, Bohol. Lamanok Islands is consists of neighboring rock islands some are enjoined by the mangroves. In what I just have known there were public and private place in Lamanok. The one in public has to pay P300.00 while the one in private resort (Lamanok Island & Beach Resort) is P275.00 only. The difference between the two is that in the former there is a tour guide that will tell you about the history of Lamanok Island while the latter is a private resort with a secluded short-white-sand beach. Both have caves but the one I’ve experienced with was the latter., ILoveBohol
They called this as “boardwalk” made of bamboo heading towards the little pier where boats are waiting., ILoveBohol
When I had not able to resist to take a picture in this amazing boardwalk


Lamanok point in barangay Badiang, is the eastern-most cape of Bohol island and has limestone rocks, caves, and its own tiny and secluded white-sand beaches. There’s a very long bamboo pier, that leads through a large mangrove forest to a waiting shed on stilts to wait for a small banca while maybe feeding the local monkeys. Medicine men (baylan or tambalan) officiated at the internment of wooden lungon or boat coffins (so called because they have been from a dug-out log, similar to the way boats were made) and old earthenware jars. You can still see finger paintings using haematite (red iron oxide) pigments in some of the caves.

How to get there? 

If you are already from Bohol, I’m pretty sure you already knew where the town of Anda is. If you are from outside Bohol, Tagbilaran City is our starting point.   Ride a tricycle from Tagbilaran port or Airport to Dao Terminal where buses and van’s station is located or you may go straight to Dao Terminal and look for the route heading to Anda. First trip to Anda is at 5am and 2nd trip is at 7am and the rest follows at an alternate of two hours interval. If ever you failed to catch the trip directly heading to Anda, you may ride the bus or van heading to the town of Guindulman or will pass by to Guindulman. From Poblacion Guindulman you may rent a motorcycle (also known as “habal-habal”) that will bring you to the town of Anda. Don’t hesitate to negotiate for an affordable fare.

What to expect?

Once you reach Anda, it’s all there. You’ll not get lost because there are a lot of signage of every resort and establishments. Stop at barangay Badiang where Lamanok Islands is located. There is an information booth at the entrance. Now, I just knew that there is public and private Lamanok Island. In our case we went to private Lamanok, which is a resort while public is basically an island where the tell-all of histories are there. I cannot elaborate what you’re going to expect at the public Lamanok since our trip is toward Lamanok resort which is a private property. Public will ask for P300.00 as fee while private resort still Lamanok will ask for P10.00 entrance fee and P275.00 at the resort. May be it will just a matter of your preferences. Both have caves but the one I’ve experienced in Lamanok resort is still worth the experience.  After the entrance, we walked on boardwalk where I saw a lot of mangroves in surroundings. I was super amazed and because of that my friends almost left me behind. I took a lot of pictures and selfies.

Actual experienced? 

There is a small place where visitor/travelers are welcome. There is a store where they sell some drinks and snacks but the priced are expectedly high. So I suggest that you bring with you your own. Below there is the boat waiting for your turn heading to Lamanok Islands. Lamanok Islands is reached of mangroves and most of the islands were enjoined because of the mangroves. As we were going


 How was the experienced?, ILoveBohol
When we had our groufie with the accomodating staff of lamanok Island & beach resort


The whole experienced was super extra amazing. That experienced was the most incredible I had ever done.  Unplanned adventure with less expectation and every decision was on the spot plus the ever heartwarming staff of Lamanok Island Resort, friendly “Kuya’s” of Cabagnow Cave (kind and gentlemen) and hospitable people of Badiang (where we had our breakfast) made the experienced extra special. And thank you to “kuya” who drove us freely from Cabagnow Cave to Poblacion Guindulman. We were then walking to the highway to reach the last trip of Ceres bus routing to Tagbilaran City, luckily a vehicle stop at us and asked where we’re going, and thankfully, were heading the same way. And thank you also to Sir Meloy Berdera (our good- friend) who did not hesitate to help and accommodate us (nga among nabolabog sa sayong buntag nga nag ulan-ulan pa jud hehe). Thank you very much sir.



**Entrance fee to Lamanok is P275.00 (inclusive of 100 entrance fee and 175 cave tours). 

**If you want to try the 5 caves, please be careful. It is quite dangerous.


Thank you for once again joining with me. Till next time my dear annventurers 🙂