Okay let’s talk about happiness.

What is happiness for you anyway?

Mine comes in so many things.

Let’s begin from being able to have a good sleep, to eat delicious food, to finally accomplish my super stressful task, to successfully done a photo shoot, to hear that my family is well and doing fine, to see my friends happy, to have a feeling of being the most beautiful woman i can be in front of a mirror, to have able to take a bath, to have able to eat my favorite food (adobo), to receive a random text from someone, to being ask of going out in a lonely night, to seeing a nice place, to randomly wandering in an unplanned activities, to see a bright sky, to see a big deeper in the night, to see a beautiful and smiling moon, to seeing grandparents held their hands by their grandchildren in churches and malls, to see smiling faces of an innocent child, to seeing unfiltered laughs from group of friends, to being able to travel.

There are so many things right. But what is common to them? Well, i can say that small things count. The laugh, the smile, the sweet and kind gestures are among them. But how could we able to still feel unhappy anyway? We can say feelings are random and some could be our choice. Happiness is choice.

The way we see at things matter. So choose the side where in you will feel good. Everybody goes out to have a life everyday and probably meet a difficult circumstance in any way they want to avoid but still you find them smiling and happy. Because when we try to overcome the things that burden us, at the end is happiness.

H  A  P  P  I  N  E  S  S

As happiness is a choice, doing it could sometimes be as hard as pressing a metal. Choice comes also with what our mind think. Everything is all and starts from the mind. So adjust and change the mindset so you could have the best choice that you can ever have.

I would like to tell you a short story. “There is a lady who rants all negative she saw in her surroundings. She tells his mentor that she will quit. The mentor said,”get a glass of water hold it and turn all over this building, do not let any amount of water fall and after that come back to me.” The lady do what the mentor has told her and come back to him. “Sir, here is the glass of water, I never let any amount of water fall”, said the lady. The mentor replied, “it is because your focus is on the glass of water you are holding and that is what I want you to do, stay focus and never late anything break it. Focus on being happy and giving happiness.” End.

At the end of the day only your happiness matter. So give yourself a favor.

Think happy, be happy, and give happiness.