Travelling for me is something like an escape from the stressful reality. Somehow, by giving a breath of air will  lessen the stress I am feeling. One place that we did visit was the 10000 Roses Cafe of Cordova in Cebu.

How to get there?
There are two ways to get there either you ride a ferry boat or just have the land trip.
With regards to the ferry boat, direct yourself to Pier 3 and buy a ticket for only P14.00 pesos and from there, the ferryboat will take you to Lapu-lapu city. The sea trip will go in for 15- 25 minutes. Upon reaching the port, you can drop a minute of visit to “Birhen sa Regla” church. Just a few walks away from the church, ride a multicab heading near 10000 Roses with the fare of P8.00. Do not hesitate to ask the drivers. Then they will drop you in the corner, from there you will ride a “tricy-kad” going to 10000 Roses Cafe having the fare of P20.00. Enjoy the ride.
Then if you’re in the city, go to SM Mabolo ride the jeep heading to Lapu-lapu city. Same thing, ride a multicab heading to 10000 Roses Café., Cordova Cebu, 10000 Roses Cafe
This is the tricy-kad, the kind of transportation that will bring you to 10000 Roses. By the way, these are my friends., Cordova Cebu, 10000 Roses Cafe
The corner where the multicab will drop you and by that time you will ride a “tricy-kad”, a three-wheel kind of vehicle









What’s in that place?, Cordova Cebu, 10000 Roses Cafe
The facade of 10000 Roses Cafe., Cordova Cebu, 10000 Roses Cafe
The entrance which says P20.00/person., Cordova Cebu, 10000 Roses Cafe
The mini-store which some or should i say most of the items are from korea (korean foods)., Cordova Cebu, 10000 Roses Cafe
Before you enter the entrance area. Beside of it (left-side) is the way to a restaurant.














The 10000 Roses Cafe has a convenience store and a cafe. The entrance fee cost only P20.00. There is a large space before you reach to the 10000 Roses. You will then see the two columns of 10000 Roses all in white of course. These roses are synthetic or let’s just say man-made. At day time, these synthetic white roses do not bloom unlike the real ones. However, during night time these synthetic flower blooms like a real flower. It’s just sad that we were not able to catch these flowers at night.

Behind the 10000 roses is a cafe where you can order foods like pizza and sip coolers to relieve the thirst from all day picture taking on the 10000 roses. Outside view will make your heart relax with the scenic Cebu City.

So what are the 10000 reasons to be here?
The countless laughs that I had with my friends are the 10000 reasons to be at 10000 Roses Cafe. From the fresh air to the nice view of the city of Cebu to the smiles under the heat of the sun down to the 10000 white roses made the reasons enough., Cordova Cebu, 10000 Roses Cafe
They also have this heart-shaped-behind-a-chair.

They said that, it always nice to see the place once than hear it a thousand times. So by this pictures, look like you’ve really enter into the picture.

Catch the 10000 roses day and night and you will see how these flowers bloom in there best time. Enjoy.

A taste of a sweet escape is a need sometimes. Travel as much as you and as much as you will. There’s always a reason for you to wander and wanderlust. Remember that getting a life means also forgetting about the reality. Go out to your box and do everything that makes you happy.
Have a great day annventurer babies, see you in my next ann-venture. Smile 🙂

P.S. Every time you visit a place, look at the place by your naked eye in between taking of pictures. You might missed the purpose of seeing the place in person when the only you remember is the image on your mobile. Save this memory also in your mind. 🙂