Few months ago, people were jump-packed at Bagumbayan, Pilar, Bohol to visit the newly opened Jardin Necitas, the Bohol’s Glowing Garden. This another tourist destination has gone viral and has getting much attention to the citizens. It is like another version of 10000 Roses Cafe in Cordova, Cebu. It also has 20000 different colors of tulips and roses. Just like in 10000 Roses Cafe, these flowers of Jardin Necitas are synthetic. They pleasantly bloom at night.

Just recently I and my friend had the opportunity to visit Jardin Necitas. Lucky enough, there are only few people when we went there. That is also what I expected since it was a day time. It was never an issue for me if I was not able to witness the place during night time.

What’s in the Jardin Necitas?

At the entrance…

ann-venture.com goes Jardin Necitas
with my friends at the entrance of Jardin Necitas
ann-venture.com goes Jardin Necitas
with the accomodating staff of Jardin Necitas

When we arrived there, we passed the entrance with a fee of P30.00. There are decorations near the entrance and I am so sure that these will glow so beautiful at night. Just a few walks away is a small canteen where you can buy food when hungry or thirsty.

ann-venture.com goes Jardin Necitas
The small canteen of Jardin Necitas.

Later on we start wandering. There is a route for entrance and exit in the Jardin where above the entrance is a round curve with Christmas lights that surely be pleasing during night.

ann-venture.com goes Jardin Necitas
The reason why i went during day time is to witness this scenic view. Isn’t it beautiful?

As I was so excited to roam the place and take hundreds of pictures, I never missed the chance to experience the place through my naked eyes.Β To continue, there are three white chairs separately place in the Jardin where one can freely sit and have a picture with the flowers as the background.

ann-venture.com goes Jardin Necitas
Another attraction in the Jardin where you can take a picture of.

It is really a feel good experience to finally see the Jardin Necitas than hearing about the place a hundred times.

I know Jardin Necitas is just starting, but visitor like me have also suggestions. I know also that they have plans and I hope their plans include putting up other adventures and attractions. I’m pretty sure this will boost more constant visitors in their place.

Tips for wonderful photos

Nowadays, people get to a place for social media purposes. Even a small detail is never missed. Below are some of my suggestions on how you can achieve some “Instagram” photos.
* Never stuck in one angle, try to slant for other position.
* Play with the flower, make it as a background or play it blur with the subject behind.
* I like day time so lighting concern is never an issue. The heat of the sun will play a brilliant role.
* Let other hold your camera, wander around with fun as if no one is watching; and mind you stolen captures are the best.
* Enjoy!

Bohol’s Glowing Garden: Jardin Necitas opens from 10am to 10pm. So be there and bring along with your friends and families. Enjoy the place and have fun.

That’s all for now. Thank you my avid readers (if i have). I hope you enjoy. Till out next ann-venture πŸ™‚