Are there instances that this question flashes suddenly on your mind?

Well, if your answer is yes then this is for you.


Human by nature is vulnerable. Over thinking also is inevitable. So, I come up with 5 simple things you have to do in order to find YOU.

  1. PRAY. Praying helps you keep your relationship with God. (God-and-you relationship is the most important relationship you could ever have.). It is also the most valuable communication you need to have every single day. Talk like best friends, share like siblings, respect like with your parents and be yourself every time you found yourself in His Company. You don’t need to conceal your feelings because He already knew and loved you no matter what or who you are. He is just there, watching over you and patiently listening to the murmurings in your head. He is just a prayer away.


  1. FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF. Always and always be; instill this in your mind. Nothing beats being happy with yourself no matter what you are going through. You may ask how to feel good? Just look at the mirror every morning you wake up, smile and say good things about yourself. (I am beautiful!). You could dance. You could sing. Try to make it a habit and see how it changes you. Also refrain from uttering bad words to everything around. Practice saying good words.


  1. GO OUTSIDE. Take a walk or roam around randomly once in a while. When you’re always in a wakeup-office-home routine, and then why not try something new? You’ll appreciate it promise. (The nature, the buildings, the random people, dogs and cats). Give yourself a breath of fresh air.
Go get yourself outside and wander around 🙂


  1. BREAK YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA HABIT. Indulging yourself into the social media world will always make you feel like being left behind. Every time you see your friends happily living their lives and you’re not, you will feel a wave of self-pity. You’re like living a fast-paced life. There is always a need for you to keep updated from their lives and post updates from yourself. The tendency is that you forget to live a life. Don’t let it consume you along the way. Doing it in your free time would be enough. Have a time management for your activities. But if there’s a need for you to uninstall the social media apps, don’t be afraid to do it. Challenge yourself at times.


  1. BE PRODUCTIVE. Being busy is different from being productive. Doing things with foreseen outcome is fulfilling. In that way, you’ll always keep yourself motivated. Practice the 5min-habit, if you can do a task within 5 minutes then do it immediately. In that manner, you’ll achieve more tasks. Multitasking is not a help because most of the time it will produce more flaws. Do one thing at a time and stay focus on what you do.


So, if in those 5 things I’ve listed strike you, then start doing it now. Feel that need within yourself and never get scared or wasted. Your family is there and your friends are there. Take a leap to shot a different angle of yourself.

And a bonus tip, change your mindset and control what you think. Everything is just all in the mind.
Have a nice day! Keep smiling 🙂


(Let me share a piece of me)

I easily get discourage by simple negative thoughts. There are times that I think I am not enough or do I really exist? I have so many questions in my mind. Self-struggle is the most hard to handle. So what I need to do is to overcome this.  I give time to myself to compose the worn out version of me. I let everything fall into its own right place and try to find something I feel happy doing and excite about. Eventually, days come in simple and light. I just keep in mind that this is a part of gearing up to more battles that I need to conquer.  I let the larva in me to undergo the process of discovering my identity until such time that I’ll become a beautiful butterfly. Then I also practice the 5-mentioned above. Simply PUSH. Pray Until Something Happens.