The year 2019 had just started and it seems like hiking is my new mantra. Our first stop is at Mt. Padhan in Dipatlong, Maribojoc. A big Cross in that mountain is mostly visited by Pilgrims during Lenten Season. The first station of the Cross is found at the foot of the mountain and the rest of the fourteen Station of the Cross thereafter.

Before the day of the trail, physical-wise, I’m haven’t prepared that much (because at first I wasn’t sure to join). I didn’t really jog like my colleagues who happened to have a night jog activities. I also didn’t engage myself in brisk walking or any warm up activities to loosen up my thighs before the hike (feeling confident nga kaya ra sak-on ang moto nga way exercise haha pero guys feel nako pamaolan ko after).

Before anything else, first things first, let’s check our gears and what-to-bring. It is important for me (ha) to really look into consideration of what to bring and what to wear. Since it is not the highest mountain we climbed (Mt Everest feeler), the list below are minimal but are really of that importance.

 G  E A R S

Morning hike does not really require bringing so much of everything unless it’s an overnight stay.

  • Backpack – Just a small one to carry important things I need.
  • Comfortable clothes – I wear T-shirt and legging so that I can be carefree. I also wear jacket since its still dawn, my body cannot tolerate so much cold. (Panuhuton niya ko guys haha)
  • Shoes

What should be inside the backpack?

1) Any drinking water – to keep you hydrated.

2) Towel/handkerchief – to wipe and dry the back (not everyone has the same body tolerance guys, lisud na panuhutan )

3) Cellphone/camera – for entertainment and documentation purposes – (cellphone also as substitute for flashlight)

4) Foods – reaching the top is rewarding but “food is life”. Don’t’ starve while reaching your goal. Feed your tummy.

5) Extra T-shirt – in case you want to change you smell gross. (haha)


Okay let’s move on.

How to get there?

Just stop at Poblacion, Maribojoc. Lead yourself to the corner near the public market heading towards a cemetery (scary). Once you passed by the cemetery, turn right and continue walking. After some few walks, make a detour to the right and start at the foot of the mountain. One thing is for sure if you’re in the right track is that you will find is a station of the cross signage. And there you go, just follow the road up there.

Bear in mind to always be careful in your path and be mindful of your colleague, some may need your assistance. While on our way, I don’t really think of what to expect as soon as we reach the top. I just want to do this thing – hiking – nature admiration – life-outside-office – activity.

 “Don’t just aim to reach the top; also enjoy the view while you are on your way.”

When we reach a high peak (not the top yet), we paused and looked around. We were so amazed of what we saw; it was truly an amazing food to the eyes. (*group picture and smile*) Then the hiking continues. Later on, my feet and thigh started to hurt a little (mao na lagi na wa may exercise). I feel like I really need to reach on top in that moment; but the more I want it, the more I feel like I’m yet too far. Plus the weather that time was cloudy (we were afraid it might rain) but hiking must go on.

 (I’m pretty sure, you reading this want also to reach on top right now. Wait lang hapit na gyud. Pero hawoy na gyud akong tiil ani guys unja kamo gihawuy na sad ug basa ahahah)

At last we just reached the top. Finally! All the sweats are all worth it. It was around 5:00 am when we start the hike and around 7:00am when we reach on top. Imagine it was two hours of walking but we successfully and safely did it guys. (*clap clap*)

Here’s what we did.

We headed back at around 9:00am. Just as we reached the ground level, it started raining. We’re lucky enough though. (Leave your worries to the ONE who can control everything.)

After the hike, I feel renewed to the nature. Though it was tiring but it was all worth it. (Sabi nga nila, pag iyong pinaghirapan, ang sarap niyan sa pakiramdam pag iyong nakamtan, ngeh)

I hope guys you enjoy reading, get inspired to start hiking, or maybe decide to continue what you just started.

See you again in my next Ann-Ventures 🙂