Sunday Jog at Banat-I Hill

My workfellow and I had decided to climb another hill in a nearby place in the city. Banat-I hill is located at Bool, Tagbilaran City. The hill commands a scenic view overlooking the town of Baclayon, Tagbilaran City and the vast Bohol Sea.
This view is facing Tagbilaran City. In the picture you will notice the Kew Hotel and Island City Mall building.

It was just a normal Sunday where we had enjoyed ourselves.

We walked and jogged at almost 5am from Island City Mall until we reached the floor of the hill. Luckily, I was able to stretch my body from the other days jog at the grandstand. It was my first time to climb at the hill which most of the time is that I could only look at it from afar. It was an amazing experienced even though it was a bit tiring but it was all worth it.

Upon walking up we saw the Camella Homes just around below. I was amazed. Then as we continue we reached to the top, we saw the HNU retreat house. At first I thought we already did reach the goal but there’s still another way up. We continue until we even found the one the stunned me. I can finally see the overlooking view.
At the front of us is the HNU Retreat House.
After reaching at the HNU Retreat House we moved forward to a higher part of the hill.


I took pictures. I got amazed. I got astounded.

Then for the next hour we spend our time there sitting, talking about random things, and others played badminton.

When we headed back, we detour and took a different path. We discover a group of goats (like) most of them are big ones. It was my first time seeing beyond normal sized goats in my life.

(Check out a short clip below – to follow)

That Sunday was fun and I really enjoyed it. Encountering Mother Nature at these busy days made my soul filled with joy.

We headed back to ICM by walking. It was hot morning. (ang init pero bakit kaya hindi kami sumakay ng bus may pamasahe naman kami hahaha pinanindigan lang talaga ang paglalakad lol)

It was summed-up with a burger steak and shanghai meal at Jollibee-ICM (may pa advertisement pa talaga haha) .

Happy days are coming. Brace yourself and always read

Have a nice day 🙂