Bohol is rich in beautiful tourist destination that’s why it is one of the places that tourists mostly visit.

While Anda is known for its Anda de Boracay white sand beaches, there are also other resorts in Anda that are surprisingly impressive and worth the penny for relaxation and enjoyment.

Parklane Bohol Resort and Spa is located in Candabong, Anda, Bohol.


Our starting point is Tagbilaran City.

1) Bring yourself in Dao terminal near Island City Mall then ride a bus or van heading to Anda. Travel time is roughly 2 hours.

2) Ask and tell politely to the driver to drop you off to Parklane Bohol Resort and Spa. Fare charges may range from P120-P140.

3) If in case that there’s no available trip going directly to Anda, just ride a bus or a van that will pass through or stop at Guindulman Public Market in Guindulman. (FYI: Guindulman and Anda are neighboring towns 🙂 )

From there, you can hire a motorcycle that will bring you to the resort.

3) The resort is still a few meters away from the highway so when you are drop off at the highway, walk a few more steps towards the resort.

4) Then there you are. Upon entering the resort just directly ask at the information desk for more details.

What to expect?

When you arrive, I suggest to roam around a bit and soothe your eyes to the beautiful beach down the resort, while deciding how long are you gonna stay in the place.

The resort has three (3) swimming pools situated in the different side of the resort. One of them has an infinity pool and a small Jacuzzi-like at the top of it. There are rooms available for those who would like to stay in the resort overnight. They have also a dining area overlooking to the sea.  Aside from that, there are also cottages that are overlooking to the sea and beach area.

Reactions? Comments? Suggestions?

Anda is just around the corner at our place but I haven’t been into this resort and I was astonished when I found the place. I heard a lot about Anda, its famous beaches and caves and resort but I haven’t seen them all. I’m glad I get to see this resort and it is a good and nice place to enjoy, have fun and relax. I am water-person so I’m getting tempted every time the sea is shouting out for a dip.

The place is also quiet, so there’s no need to worry about interruptions of your solitude.

In addition, every time I visit a place I always think about what are other activities or sort of events it can hold. Since I am into photography, I found it to be perfect for Prenuptial Shoot. Also when I look at the other part of the resort, I notice that they can also hold a Wedding event which are grand but private and intimate one.

Other thing we did; we play Frisbee. Every beach deserves to be experience at its finest at the same time we also must enjoy our short stay.

We were here for our teambuilding but it will not only limit to that, for family gathering and friends outing can also transpire here. Everyone can be here.

Questions you might ask!

How much is the entrance fee? It’s P200.00

Is there a corkage fee? Yes there is. They will charge per food you bring and per number of person.

Is there food delicious? Yes, it is delightful.


  • Always put on skin protection like sun block.
  • Wear sun glass if needed.
  • Be there as early as 9am, so you can extremely enjoy the resort.
  • Refrain from too much use of mobile phone because it will just defy the purpose of relaxation. Take a photo then you’re done.
  • Look at the place and be at the place with all your mind and heart. Enjoy

Please also click down the video below.

Alright! That’s it. Thank you again readers for taking your time with me and I hope you enjoy with our ann-venture today. See you again 🙂