Hello 28. Today is a celebration of life.

I must be so lucky to have celebrated another year of a fruitful life. Thanks to the Almighty for pouring a lot of blessings towards me and my family.

As another year unfold, my thoughts also are triggered by these; career plans, relationships, and personal growth.



I have been working for almost 7 years since I graduated college and I considered it as my first work, though I have some extras when I was in college. I have been loyal to the company since then. But as I have aged, the thought about doing this kind of work in the next 5 or 10 years came in my mind. Programming or being an IT professional isn’t actually the career that I wanted to take when I was a little. I remember during kindergarten day’s graduation day, I stated this line. “When I grow up I want to become a teacher”. We’ll I bet you understand why I said those things back then. For children before, being a teacher, a nurse, an engineer, a police and a doctor are the common profession they used to know. But as I age I learn that I am not pursuing the teaching profession because I think it will be stressful.

When I turn into high school, I started to get confused on what to pursue someday. During my fourth-year in high school, computer subjects are the most in demand. But on the other hand, I was also thinking about being a manager someday. So just when I entered college, out of four courses in my options, I choose Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I don’t really know why. And the rest is history. Now that I am close to being 30-year person, I do have some confusions if I will still be doing some coding stuffs until the future. Well, to tell you honestly I hate paper works and reports. And I think, creating program codes is a lot better. I may not be the best programmer in the world, but I know that I can contribute small thing for the betterment of other lives.

So, how about my career plans? I leave it to the Lord. Surely, I really don’t know right now. At this age of time, I came to realize that the more I know, the more I actually don’t know. I think the better career plan is to keep doing the things I love while I still in the midst of figuring out what to do next.



Obviously, relationship takes the second topic but I choose to tackle first about my personal growth, because relationship is a kind of long and diverse topic to talk about. Anyways, let’s continue.

During the years that I always do a routine-life, I realize that my life was becoming so boring. Did you also encounter this moment? So I did some research about the things that could lift up bored spirits. Travel is the first thing that came about. Back then, I used to dream about travelling the world someday, that I also usually write on my autograph notebook. I realize that what if I will pursue this dream? So the idea of blogging came in. Then I bought a personal camera last 2015 as birthday gift to myself. My blog include travel guides and itinerary, so a camera is a must. Later on, I realize that I could make money by taking pictures. I started to learn about photography and doing shoot to some birthdays, christenings and even weddings. Yet, there are some time that I am also doubtful about this passion. However, when I met new friends who think and do alike, my interest starts to build up again. My passion in photography develops in time.

While pursuing my passion, I grow. I trust myself even more. I know the limitations of my ability. I discover new ideas and meet new people from the different walks of life. I become better.

The idea of personal growth lies in the way you think about yourself.



The hottest topic everywhere in the world is relationships. Everybody cries out of failed affairs and seek for pure and real love. I am no excuse of that. Being at 28, or before becoming this age, I have received a lot comments about getting a boyfriend or even getting married. To tell you honestly every time that people give their remarks about my relationship status, I just smile at them, but sometimes it leaves pain inside. Yes, in the standard of the society, my age reach the marrying stage. But what can I do, I still haven’t met my partner yet. I would like to emphasize that we have different timeline. You may be happy with your love life now and you want me to experienced the same. But hey,  just wait because it’s not yet my turn. I will cherish it when it’s time. And I thank you for your concern.

To single woman who has the same age as mine, do not let yourself be dictated by others. I know it’s kind of a pressure to you, but it will surely come. Just patiently pray for it.


How about you guys, what are your thoughts? Drop them below.

I have also drafted some of my recent travel activity, so keep posted. Thank you!