The thought of having another travel plans and ideas makes my heart flutter. At the back of my mind, I already imagine myself in that certain place having a photograph with my “ootd”. I prepare what will be needed and I get excited too but I don’t think too much about it so that I will not spoil what will transpired during the trip.

Travelling has always been a pleasure to me and my way of knowing other things about myself. Also, it is the time for new learning and for new adventure.

When my friend had to process her passport in Dumaguete City, since DFA-Cebu is always crowded, I grab the opportunity to accompany her, so I could also visit another place outside from my comfort province.

Dumaguete City is located in the province of Negros Oriental situated near the province of Cebu, Bohol and Siquijor. Some tourists from the other country usually opt to travel among the provinces aforementioned in random manner.

For our short travel, I have here enlisted the what to-do and the must-visit places in Dumaguete City and the nearby area that will be worthy of your time.

1) Wander at Rizal Boulevard.

The first thing you will see when you arrive at the seaport of Dumaguete City is the long and beautiful Rizal Boulevard. Strolling and jogging during sunrise would be best. And I think it’s also nice for lovers to witness the sunset together at the boulevard. Isn’t it romantic? Aside from that, it is also a commendable spot for friends and family’s relaxation.

At night, there are sidewalk vendors that sells tempura, fish balls, and squid rolls. Also, “pasalubong” items like ref-magnet and key chains are available. During Saturdays, bring in your buddies to listen and enjoy the songs played by the acoustic band. 


2) Strike a pose at DumaGetme Signage.

Your Dumaguete escapade will never be complete without a picture of you at the DumaGetme signage which is still located along the Rizal Boulevard. During night time, the signage plays the light with different colors. 


3) Pray at St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral

Pay a visit to St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral and have your hopes and desires be heard thru a sincere and heartfelt prayer. And if you are fond of building architecture you may also observe the façade and structure of the church.


4) Light a candle at Belfry Tower (The Campanario De Dumaguete)

You may also offer a prayer at the Belfry Tower by lighting a candle. Candles are readily available nearby at a very affordable price.

Belfry Tower is situated near St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral.


5) Hangout at Quezon Park

Just like any other cities, they have also a park called as Quezon Park. At that time, some part was still under construction but that doesn’t hinder you to hang out with your friends. You may also taste the delicious “dirty ice cream” from “Kuya Sorbetero” for only P10.

Other activities I saw at the park were students in their dance rehearsal and taekwondo players in their practice mode as well. Also, even families spend their time for bonds and relaxation at the park.

Quezon Park is located across the St. Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral.


6) Explore the Silliman University Campus

Prior to our trip, I have already made a promise to myself to visit Silliman University. And luckily when we headed to the campus the guard let us in but will require you to leave our id upon entering the campus. By the way, it is located near the seaport and Rizal Boulevard. And if you’re looking for a perfect shot of the campus, the old building, head yourself at the boulevard and you’ll achieve what you have imagined.


7) Have an informative tour at Silliman Anthropology Museum.

And if you’re a history-person, you can drop by at the Anthropological Museum of Silliman University where entrance fee cost P50.00. Just a reminder, when inside the museum taking of photos is strictly prohibited. And might as well, leaving your camera behind will be good to you since your attention will boil down only to the history artifacts. And please be reminded to stay silent while being inside the museum.

Inside, I saw different kinds of stones (also my birthstone). Seeing those different kinds of artifacts in person is just a nice feeling. Some bowls and jars and other history items are still available. Seeing those things will make your mind be filled with essential information about the past.


So I think that concluded the must-visit and to-do places in Dumaguete City. And if you’re asking, they have malls like Lee Super Plaza, CityMall and Robinsons Place Dumaguete. Their means of transportation is tricycle which can accommodate at least 7 persons, having a minimum fair of P9.00


You think it’s over? Not yet! We also have travel to some places outside the city. Brace yourself as we go to Valencia City.


  • From you starting point, whether you are in the city proper of Dumaguete, ride a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you to the terminal going to Valencia.
  • When you are there, don’t be hesitant to ask. Ride the PUJ or the jeepney that heads to Valencia City. Fare cost only P12.00. Travel time will be 20-30 minutes.

Now that you are there, tricycle and motorcycle drivers will have to ask you where you want to go. Negotiate with them at a reasonable price. As of us, we are only two travelers, we rented a tricycle for a round trip visit and asked to take us to the following places below. Our agreed fare is P550.00 for the two of us for the 3 locations.



First top is the Sulfur Vent Mountain. It is my first time to see a mountain that releases a hot smoke. So, to make the experience worthwhile we took photos while observing the mountain.



I am fond of chasing waterfalls. When I saw the Pulang Bato Falls, it mesmerized me and fell in love right away. It’s indeed beautiful. The formation of rocks that surrounds the falls are all in color in red, so that’s the reason why it is called PULANG BATO FALLS. We did sight-seeing during this short trip, but I promise to myself to come back here and would experience the falls (which would be in my next blog). We just took some photos since we have no time to dip into the water.

Other attraction also includes two swimming pools above. Small cottages for rent worth P200.00. The place also serves good food.

Entrance fee is P50.00 that time but it during my second visit here it was raised to P100.00 already.



Out last stop is a Santorini-inspired clubhouse resort located in Valencia, Negros Oriental. The building was painted in white. There’s also a tower that serves as a viewing deck. There are rooms available and swimming pools.

Walk-in customers like us, are welcome to have sightseeing, and we pay P50.00 for the entrance fee. I must say that early morning and late afternoon are the best time to go there.



*Via Bohol to Dumaguete City*

1) Travel through fast craft (Ocean Jet) which ticket price cost P700. Take note that there are only two travel schedules to Dumaguete City per day, one in the morning at 9:30 am and other in the afternoon at 2:30pm.


We had research many hotels online, but we end up booking with Heart Hotel.  We had booked a fan room which cost P830.00. It has two bed, a tv, an electric fan (of course, since it’s a fan room), towels, shampoo, body soap, free wifi, free breakfast, and shared comfort room (outside the room). It is affordable for backpackers like us.



1.) Tricycle is the main mode of transportation around Dumaguete City which fares starts at the minimum of P9.00

1) For Key chains and Ref magnet pasalubong collectors, there are available in Robinsons Dumaguete, but I suggest, head yourself to Rizal Boulevard at night. Key chains can be customized with your names or anything you desired to be written at the back of it (show sample). Key chains cost P20.00 each and some offers 6 pcs for P100.00 while Ref magnet cost P35.00.

3) Experience the tempura-night at Rizal Boulevard. The cool breeze of fresh air coming from the sea during night time is super stress relieving while eating your favorite street foods. Aside from tempura, squid balls, and fish balls are also available.

4) The famous Sans Rival is just near the Rizal Boulevard.

Let me share to you guys the breakdown of my expenses.

Tagbilaran to Dumaguete Ticket P700.00 Via Ocean Jet
Heart Hotel Accommodation P830.00 Hotel accommodation with free breakfast
Travel to Valencia P550.00 Tricycle fare to three (3) locations
Dumaguete to Tagbilaran Ticket P700.00 Via Ocean Jet
Food Expenses P400.00 Mang Inasal and other fast food in Robinsons Dumaguete, Food trip at Rizal Boulevard
Fare Expenses P54.00 Tricycle Fare to city destinations
Souvenir Items P200.00 Key chains price at P20.00 each for my friends and ref magnet as remembrance.
TOTAL P3434.00


Okay that’s all. I hope you enjoy reading this blog and able to learn something. The next time you plan to visit Dumaguete City, please invite me, I will be your photographer. 😊

Thank you for always visiting here. Have a nice day ann-venturers!