While Bohol is known for its stunning white beaches and lovely Chocolate Hills, some do not know that it has other things to offer.

In one of its town, Guindulman, offer such a nice and beautiful scenery, the Bunhayag Hills. It is in found Bunhayag, Canhaway, Guindulman, Bohol. A friend of mine, who used to visit the place many times, told me that it was called “hidden paradise” long before it was known to public. Due to the social media, everyone shares and uploads anything, it is now publicly known, and in fact some people from the other side of the province visits the place.

During sunrise and sunset are the best time to be there. Make your way to the top and get mesmerize by the beautiful creation of nature. Experience serenity away from work stress and city hustle. You will also notice the island of Camiguin from afar. Plan a jog or hike in the morning and during sunset, set back and relax while witnessing the scenery with your family and friends. Have a small picnic but never throw trashes anywhere.

Below are the photos I took when we headed to Bunhayag Hills.

I was mesmerized by the color of the sky.
Ohh yeah! This is awesome.
What a beautiful place, indeed.
This is my favorite spot. Chill and relax.


  • Never ever throw any trash in the area.
  • The place is sorrounded by gates, it closes at 6pm.


  • When you are in Tagbilaran City, head yourself to Dao Terminal, and ride Ceres bus or van which will head to or pass by Guindulman. The fare cost is P85.00 for bus and P120.00 for van.
  • Drop at Guindulman market. Hire a motorcycle and ask them to bring you to Bunhayag Hills. The fare will be depending upon your negotiation with the driver.
Well, nothing is more fulfilling than experiencing the best and nice view.

When we went to there, my friend has a motorcycle, so I just go with her, I didn’t need to hire for motorcycle. I think that will be better if you have a friend from Guindulman, so you can save money and time. Another thing is that you can also visit other beautiful places of the town like Cabantian Hills.

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Till our next Ann-Venture. 😊