Before the pandemic happened, we had a quick tour to Balilihan’s Kawasan Falls.

Okay here we go.

It was weekend when we decided to have fun and chase falls. It was an unplanned adventure that we don’t expect anything but to have fun and just enjoy the nature.


The entrance, where you can park here your vehicles.


This will be seen upon entering the place.

“Lakaw pa tag gamay.”
Just before you see the falls, you will pass this cute “kubos” probably and likely be the safe haven to stay when visiting the place.

Prior to visiting the place, I did a quick research online on what to expect of the falls so I could foresee what to do. And to my surprise when we get there it was a big expectation versus reality check.


“Way tubig pero picture gihapon”


Yes you heard it right. It quite seems ironic with its name Kawasan which in our own dialect means overflowing. I was disappointed that I never witness the amazing Kawasan Falls.

“But still I enjoyed the experience. After all, having fun is not just about the place but also it’s when you’re with the people you are comfortable with.”


“I like meeting new people. I was at first hesitant to approach this lovely couple to ask for a picture. Luckily, they agreed and here it is. I don’t know their names. By the way, I have their front photo in my instagram account (check and follow Miri Photography on instagram)”


“Nindot mag laag ug naay ka holding hands, pero char ra ni guys practice lang ba hahah”


But life goes on indeed. We make everything thing happen in our way.
We took a lot of pictures even if there is no water flowing from the falls. We still had some amazing chitchat with my friends.

That’s it.

I hope to come back and wish that the falls that time will flow more water than this visit.

See you in my next ann-venture. 🙂