DumaGetme: Must-visit and must-do when in Dumaguete City

The thought of having another travel plans and ideas makes my heart flutter. At the back of my mind, I already imagine myself in that certain place having a photograph with my โ€œootdโ€. I prepare what will be needed and I get excited too but I donโ€™t think too much about it so that I will not spoil what will transpired during the trip.

Travelling has always been a pleasure to me and my way of knowing other things about myself. Also, it is the time for new learning and for new adventure.

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Temple of Leah

I have been hearing people talking about Temple of Leah. So I got curious what is it really about. There i found out that it is a Temple found in Cebu. My interest made me look forward to have a visit to the place sooner. So here I am making this article of Temple of Leah and our little but amazing experience.


My kind of welcome pose hahahah

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